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Project Description
"Scaffold it !" is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that enable you to scaffold elements from your entities.
It's a time saver tool that leverage T4 templates and Visual Studio extensibility.


"Scaffold it !" is available for download in Visual Studio "Extension manager" (under the tools menu). You will be able to setup and uninstall "Scaffold it !" from this screen.
Open the "Extension Manager" and click on "online gallery". Type "Scaffold it" in the search box on the top right corner of the screen and press "enter". Select the element and click on the download button.


Getting started

Once installed, restart VS 2010. In your solution, right click on the solution node, and then select "Create scaffolding environment".
"Scaffold it !" will create some elements for you :
  • An xml configuration file that describe what you want to scaffold, and where you want to put the results
  • A sample T4 template that could be used with "Scaffold it!"

The sample xml conf should be enougth to get you started. The documentation will improve on codeplex in the near future.

Now that you have configured your solution, you could right click on any class and select "Scaffold it !" to start generating whatever you want !!!


Templates are organized in categories. Based on the class you have selected, each selected template will generate a file in the format you want (aspx, cs, cshtml, xaml, ...) in one of your project.
The combobox in the topmost part of the window enable to select presets of templates for applying common tasks.

You also have a tool window that help you setup you scaffolding

With this window, you could manage parameters and drag them on your templates. You could also create your category tree, and drag and drop categories or templates to the presets to easily create many presets that will speed up your flow.

Any feedback is appreciated, feel free to use codeplex or Visual Studio Gallery.

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